Friday, May 23, 2008

who can you trust

So, after human resources came through yesterday my co worker and I had a bit of a chat. Turns out, people have been talking about me. Or more accurately, because I expected them to talk about me, have been talking about the fact that I said that all the staff do is complain about each other. This bothers me on a couple levels but may actually have a silver lining.

First of all, I don't recall ever saying that. I have been careful, or so I thought, about who I talk to, but apparently I've misjudged some people. And beyond that, in my carefulness, I would never make such a blanket statement. But whatever, I did mention that there was a lot of gossip and complaining going on. Like I said, I misjudged, and I shouldn't have said anything. It's hard to know who to trust.

The second reason that bothers me, is of course that the gossip is happening. And it's happening instead of working apparently. Let's all stand around and talk about the new staff? I mean, I guess I did expect that, but still. yuck.

The silver lining. Apparently, the person I was working with last night, whose been there quite a while, stood up for me and said something like "well, if she's new and she sees that, what does that say". So yeah. I'm pretty pleased about that.

So then my coworker and I had a good talk. But what if they're just as gossipy. Everyone seems to mean well, and yet there's obviously people I thought I could trust who are talking about me. What if they've just been sent to "scope" me out and dig deeper. I don't know, I don't think things operate on that large a scale. It should be okay. We'll see I guess.

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Herman said...

I feel for you with the gossip. And it's great that someone stood up for you.

It may be that you can trust the people you thought you could trust. Someone you talked to may have said something elsewhere with legitimate intent and concern and that's how it got out. It can work that way.