Sunday, May 18, 2008

mystery solved

Thanks to the wonderful roommate, I have now solved the mystery of the "rubee". Turns out it's "rubby" for the rubbing alcohol some people drink.

Now personally, I've never caught someone with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Nail polish remover, hairspray, paint thinner; yes, but not that. We even have to keep our hand sanitizer behind the counter or people drink it. I found out from some cops that at the hospital, some people stand beneath the hand sanitizer thing and squirt it into their mouth to drink...ew.

It will probably never cease to amaze me what some people will do for a high. A lot of the people I work with sniff or drink some pretty strange things. And I often wonder if it's no longer about the high. If it's about feeling normal, and being in community, and about habit... ie, what else would we do? I wish I had an easy answer.

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