Friday, May 23, 2008

sick? i'm not sick. whose sick?

Tonight was a busy night, I didn't have time to think really, and yet at times there were lulls. I had a good chat with a co worker, talked to some clients, and handed out meds...

When working in detox, one person is in charge of laundry, the other is in charge of meds. I was in charge of meds tonight. It's a really... annoying... job in some ways. Our shift coordinator and I talked about the fact that people are "detoxing" but they're on tons and tons of meds! And when I say meds, I mean meds for everything under the sun, plus lots and lots of psych meds and painkillers. Most of the people in there are on at least one benzodiazapine and at least one anti depressant. A lot are on anti psychotics too.

I'm definitely feeling more comfortable in my job, but tonight I made at least one med error. And I'm really not pleased about it. A guy is on an anti psychotic at supper and bedtime and I totally missed the supper one. Knowing what I know, the dose could probably have been consolidated, but you really can't do that. I'm not a doctor or a pharmacist. I had noted that on my sheet and yet I was busy with a guy having a panic attack and then stuff just kept happening. I feel horrible and stupid, and I had to fill out an incident report. Missing the one med won't have a huge affect on the man, it is something that accumulates in your system somewhat, so he should be fine, but still... I am going to have to be even more careful from now on. And I'm sure I will improve as well and get better at catching things like that!

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