Friday, May 23, 2008

bah. season fanales.

I have issues. I watch far too many medical dramas. It's a fact. And while I consider House, while a bit strange, to be acceptable, I think of Grey's Anatomy as my girly-guilty pleasure. I love it. And I'll freely admit it - I'm hooked.

See but the thing is, both of these shows of mine (which I painstakingly download each week due to lack of tv) had their season finales this week. And they both sucked. People died, people fell in love, and their was LOTS of kissing, but they sucked.


Meredeth Grey appears to have been healed and made whole simply by realizing her mother tried to not kill herself. This of course leads to her getting back with Derrick. Oh, and the fact that their clinical trial finally worked on try 13 might have something to do with that. And, they kiss. So, off Derrick runs to dump Rose. Oh wait, wasn't it just a season ago that Derrick had to run off to dump Addison?

Meanwhile, Alex is trying to care for his almost catatonic girlfriend who is not having his baby. Izzy can't get him to stop and has to challenge herself as a doctor. Oh wait, didn't she do that two episodes ago? With a pregnant woman and an abortion? Oh, and did I mention Alex and Izzy kiss?

Meanwhile, George and Christina are busy finding their "mojo". Lexie manages to get dragged into both these story lines without actually managing to do any growing of her own. In fact really, her character has not grown all season. She's their solely to look beautiful while providing someone for George, Christina and Meredeth to interact with. And then, George and Lexie have a quick kiss.

The chief moves in with his wife again...and they kiss. Callie and Mark have sex, and they kiss. Callie and Erica kiss. Wait, what? Yes, that's right, In the last five minutes of the show Callie and Erica kiss while Mark looks on. Apparently this is Callie "finding herself" and being honest.

Have a missed anyone? Has anyone else kissed? I'm not sure it's possible. The show even came complete with a "kissing montage". It'll be interesting to see what next season brings. While I know it's coming back, enough stuff was tied up that this totally could have been the series finally.

On to House. What can I say about House? They went WAY to far in this one. I'm sorry, deep brain stimulation to recall a mystery symptom? They should have done this in one episode, not two, and with far less drama. They simply dragged the plot out to long. And honestly, why kill Amber? She wasn't really in, she wasn't really out. If you needed her off that badly you totally could have just given her no screen time. No one would have noticed. Now she's dead, Wilson's screwed up etc...

And seriously, DBS after House has a heart attack and concussion and does weird stuff with memory drugs after getting in a bus crash while drunk? I'm sorry. No. It was just a little too forced. Fine on the hypnosis, but that was really pushing it. And 13 actually having Huntington's? Interesting twist I guess, I actually didn't see that coming (as opposed to Grey's where everything was obvious) but still. Unnecessary.

So, here's the thing. I'm angry at both shows, and yet I know I'll watch them again in the fall. Because well, they make me laugh, they make me smile, and I think once in a while, they make me cry; all of which are good things. And I'll continue to mock myself for loving Grey's Anatomy so much. It's just the way it's going to be.

the end.

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