Saturday, May 17, 2008

growing up

I've been thinking lately about how ambivalent I am about growing up. I get SO frustrated when people tell me I'm too young for something. Case and point, when my boss at work was concerned about hiring me because I was too young. I was FURIOUS. I was angry, and I went about my life telling everyone about the experience searching desperately for the reassurance that I was old enough and that I could do it. And I can.

Then I get confronted with some of the other realities of this aging process and I want to step back into my shell and holler "too young, too young"! For example, my cooking/eating habits. To say I'm a bit of a lazy cooker is an understatement. I tend just not to eat when no one is around to cook, and when I do eat it's mostly stuff that I can cook with zero, frozen pizza or chicken fingers. Someone pointed out to me that I will need to do this on my own when roommate goes to grad school... fine, but then they pointed out it's part of growing up. To which I so maturely replied "I don't wanna grow up!".

So here I am. Stuck, in some ways. And not really wanting to go in either direction. I certainly don't want to get younger, or be treated as younger then I am, but I'm not quite sure I want to grow up either. I'm not sure I want anymore responsibility then I already have; even for myself.

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Lee said...

I need to learn how to cook. I don't have a meal plan right now because it's summer. I've been living off of dangelos subs because it's the closest food place to walk to.