Monday, May 19, 2008

real estate

Two nights ago we managed to forget the condoms when we went out on van patrol. The girls on the corner were not impressed. "Don't you have any condominiums? How can you not have condominiums?" From now on I plan on referring to condoms as "real estate".

In any case, we had to drive back to work to get some "real estate" for the "girls". In fact, this particular group of street workers is entirely made up of male to female trans-gendered individuals. They hang out on a certain block which is known for this. And besides that, it's really...obvious, who they are biologically.

In any case, when I got the condoms I was once again very amused by them. For some reason, there doesn't seem to be such thing as a "plain" free condom. We had banana, vanilla, strawberry and assorted colours. Of course I couldn't just give any condoms to the girls, they had to pick and choose. It's kind of a funny site really. Me, sitting in the van, a giant handful of condoms while people pick through them selecting their favourite flavours (and toss back the ones they don't like). And I get paid to do this! I love my job :)

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Lee said...

my high school always gave out boring ones. But whenver I go to gay pride I end up leaving with all sorts of pretty colored ones. At youth pride this year they gave me peppermint gum with them too lol wow