Monday, May 19, 2008

Popularity... aka, what none of us ever think we are

I read this interesting report on the psychology today blog about the importance of self esteem vs the importance of popularity. The report talks about new research findings that indicate that teenagers experience of popularity has more to do with their perceptions of it, then of their actual experiences of it. Basically, if you think you're popular and cool you'll be happy then if you don't, even if you are.

It got me thinking about high school, and about those few really annoying kids. Those ones who didn't fit in at all and yet just kept plugging away. They just seemed so incredibly happy. I also thought, wow, how can they be happy NO ONE LIKES THEM! And yet, there they were, setting themselves up to be laughed at time and time again.

Then of course, there were the "popular kids" those kids who were at the tops of the social ladder, talking to them though, they totally didn't see it. And often, they weren't happy.

gets you thinking, doesn' t

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