Friday, May 16, 2008

feeling old

I'm feeling all old and grown up today. Yesterday I opened my very first RRSP! This is a good thing, because I'm in a good place to do it. I even think I understand what I did.

The guy at the bank was SO good to me. He didn't talk down to me, but he also took the time to really explain to me what was going on and what I was getting myself into. He gave me advise, even when it wasn't necessarily in the bank's best interest to give me that advice.

I invested in some sort of "balanced fund" which looks like it has good returns over the long run. It seemed to be the best option for me although I'm not sure what all it entails. All I learned was "don't watch it every day". So we'll see...hopefully I won't lose money over the long term.

I also set things up so that some of my paycheck gets automatically diverted into my savings account which which will be really good. And I have this thing where when I use my debit card, it rounds up and puts the difference in my savings. I don't use my debit card much, but hey, why not.

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