Friday, May 16, 2008

I can see!

Went to the eye doctor yesterday... I much prefer the eye doctor to the dentist. The worst thing that happens at the eye doctor is the little puffs of air they blow in your eyes to test the pressure for glaucoma.

My eyes are mostly fine. My right eye needed a bit of a stronger prescription though. I debated not getting new glasses and saving the money, but since I drive at night (or I will, for work), I figured it's probably a smart idea. The ones I got weren't a bad price, but I still wound up spending a little too much money yesterday...

I hate choosing glasses. My eyes are so bad I have to stand smack in front of the mirror to see what they look like, which is really ineffectual for getting a good look at how they suit me. I let the person who work there do all the work. I told her I was hopeless, and she said "stand there". I stood in front of a mirror and she passed me pair after pair of glasses. Ironically, we went with the one pair I choose while she was doing something else. Either way, next week I'll have new glasses!

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