Thursday, May 22, 2008

silly bacteria! stay out of my body! (at least the bad ones that is)

I went to the doctor today after I woke up coughing up blood. I figured that probably wasn't a good thing. He listened to my lungs, and I have a chest infection. joy. So now I have some lovely azithromycin that makes me sick. But, it also works...who can complain.

The funny thing is this though. At reception they told me if I needed a sick note for work it was going to cost me. They also wanted to know ahead of time if I needed one. I said it depends what's wrong with me. I asked the doctor if I could work and explained my job. He was very non specific. Wouldn't give me a good answer. So I left with no doctors note, and I'm going to work today. I can't afford to pay for a note and then not go to work. Because I'm casual, I don't get sick days!

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