Friday, May 30, 2008

long time no post

I haven't updated in a while. Life's been busy. Very, very busy. I have no clean clothes, and sleep is a very precious gift. Despite that, I'm okay. Dealing with a family emergency this week has taken a bit of my time, although not as much time as I would have thought. And the situation is under control now and seems to have been resolved in a good way. At least for now. We'll see what happens.

My friend in the hospital is not doing amazing. She'll be home soon, but it looks like she'll need heart surgery of some sort; right now she can't even walk across the room. The feelings that creates in me are varied and sometimes overpowering. I looked after their kids last night, and will again on Saturday. I love them; and it's the least I can do. And besides we're going to do something fun, like bowling!

And that's the brief update. Just came off nights, working evenings for the weekend, then on to overlap shifts (1-6:30) next week. We'll see when the new schedule comes out. But I hope to be back on nights again.

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