Sunday, May 18, 2008


Alcohol does scary things to people... it really does. When I was out on van patrol last night we saw a young woman passed out in a bus shelter. We woke her up, and she was very intoxicated. We offered to drive her home, and after a few tries we were able to get an address out of her. This was good, and we were able to drop her off somewhere safer then the shelter.

What got me, was the fact that she didn't see anything wrong with the fact that she was sleeping by herself, abandoned and cold on the hard ground at 3AM. I can't imagine being okay with that. For her though, it just seemed run of the mill. She was tired, she went to sleep. In fact, she was pretty upset that we had woken her up for a while. Then, she forgot that whole scene and didn't remember us picking her up, or where.

I find it fascinating how different people react to things in such different ways. LOTS of my friends were drinking last night I'm sure. And yet (as far as I know) none of them wound up on the ground in a bus shelter. What makes the difference in people. How do people know when to stop. How to some people control themselves while drunk and others don't. I really feel for her.

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