Sunday, May 11, 2008

one night in the drunk tank

Last night was my last training shift at work, and my first overnight shift. I was in intoxicated persons detention for the full 8 hours. We did 20 intakes... we only have 20 cells. We also did A LOT of discharges. We were never quite full, but we came very, very close. We were putting clients in cells that were practically still wet from floor mopping and mat wiping.

We had a few interesting clients. During the week most of the clients are regulars, they're the kind of people you see intoxicated downtown or on main street. On the weekends however you get a lot more people from the club scene. A lot of people who are not pleased that they're in the drunk tank with "those people". One woman kept up a steady "you don't know who my father is". We even had a law enforcement officer. They were pretty mouthy too. We had a client come straight from hospital where he'd had his head sewed up. His longer grey hair was still soaked with red blood. It looked horrible, but I guess he had a lot of something in him cause he said he didn't hurt at all.

My evening consisted of paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. The cops were coming in so fast at times though that I did 3 intakes in 12 minutes according to my records. It seemed like longer at the time. About 3/4s of the way through I switched with my trainer and did cleaning. I mopped out 6 cells, cleaned their mats and mopped the whole IPDA floor. Joy.

All in all, my first night went well, although I'm convinced I had a couple visual hallucinations near the end from being so tired. More coffee though and all was well. Went to church after and stayed awake just fine. I'm in bed now, almost ready to have a nice long SLEEP! I work over night again tonight and tomorrow, so at least I'm on a somewhat normal schedule, even if it is the reverse of the rest of the world.

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