Wednesday, May 14, 2008

necessary evils

This afternoon I took a trip to the dentist, or well, to the hygienist at least, I just needed a cleaning, not a check up.

While I'm not afraid of dentists, and generally value keeping my teeth in good health, I still don't find the dentist a pleasant experience. No matter how gentle they are, it HURTS! I really don't like having my gums poked at with sharp, pointy, little objects! And today, my hygienist decided it would be a good day to measure my gums. She used something she claimed was a round ruler...I think however that basically what she did was poke my gums and then check for bleeding. Apparently this shows if I have gum disease or not. A great thing to know, but apparently painful to find out.

Then of course came the necessary does of fluoride. This time round I choose vanilla-orange. It's supposed to taste like a creamsicle. Honestly, it wasn't bad though, so I shouldn't complain. My teeth still feel all grainy from the polishing though. I hate that makes me gag.

End whine... I'm going back to sleep.

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