Monday, May 19, 2008

scheduling confusion

So, I thought I was supposed to work tonight. Got all the way there, found out I wasn't supposed to. Bah. Worse then that though, I was supposed to work at 5:30, but instead of calling and finding out where I was, they just ignored that I wasn't there and assumed I was a slacker or something. Either way, now I'm at home, awake, and annoyed.

So what happened, is this. I worked last night 11:30-8AM. I hadn't worked since Monday night. The new schedule, which started Sunday (today) was out, but I hadn't seen it yet. Anyway, for today in my little box on the schedule it just said "71". That's the address of our transitional housing. Now, because I can't work more then 8 hours in 24, and it didn't give me any time at all, I assumed that it was a night shift. This was a bad assumption. I did however mention it to someone that I hadn't trained there yet, and they didn't mention it to me as being odd. Oh well, not their fault.

As I said, it turns out I was supposed to work at 5:30. That's not even a normal shift, or a shift I knew existed. Evening shifts start at 3:30. But, as I also said, they didn't bother to phone me or anything. One of the evening staff was super grumpy about the fact that I wasn't there. He's the one who trained me in detox that I didn't like. The night staff was soooo good about it though. They were super apologetic, and got me to write down 3 hours of work. So, I do lose out on 3 hours of pay, but I get 3 free hours.

Nights took this as just another strike against management. They're not fond of them to begin with. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that management is never around at night to see what goes on but still makes all of the decisions. Either way, now I have to go talk to management about the confusion. I don't work till Thursday evening, which probably means I should phone, and I really don't like phones...bah.

Oh well?

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