Monday, May 26, 2008

i love to do the dishes, now that spring is here

I'm not sure where to start, I've had a busy three days. Friday's season finale watching seems very long away.

Street Ministry Friday night was very tiring. I found out someone I love is sick, and that's a bad way to start off any night.

It was a very busy night. One of the other places in the area has stopped serving Friday dinner and so we are busier then usual. We also didn't have a youth group or anyone in, so we had to do it all ourselves. That being said, we had some GREAT volunteers.

One of the participants in the adult day program for adults with mental disabilities came in to help wash dishes. It was interesting for me to work to find a balance between empowerment and practicality. I was sick, and so I volunteered to only touch dirty dishes...nothing clean. And we had two hundred people's worth of dirty dishes for me to touch!!!

The person washing dishes was awesome but slow. They're great at washing dishes, they know how, they understand how to work our awesome conveyor belt dishwasher. They're also not used to the complete and totally chaos that Friday nights can be...and I'm bad at letting things pile up. But, we slogged through it and finished just in the time for the coffee shops to be closed so I couldn't buy coffee before work. Oh well. Such is life!

I didn't really talk to any guests Friday night because of the infection. I figured it was probably better to stay away from them as much as possible and save my voice for work that night anyway. It was kind of sad, but again, such is life. I really don't mind being in the kitchen even though I was COMPLETELY covered in crap and water. Sigh...scraping dishes with my hands...the things I do.

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