Sunday, May 4, 2008

the other half

Okay, so while my church doesn't look like that, and in-fact doesn't have a building, it is pretty awesome. And this summer, I get to be the summer student intern! I'm very excited although it is a big time commitment on top of my other job. Basically I'm preaching while our minister is away, running an outreach event (I'm really thinking penny garage sale), and taking care of many other things - like children; the part I'm not so sure about.

In any case though, I'm really excited to start. I'm meeting with my minister on Wednesday to start planning for the summer and getting things under way, something which I'm super excited about doing. I'm also thinking about car shopping this week!!! I can't wait to have a car and be able to drive to and fro! Well, except for the fact that driving scares the life out of me and my anxiety levels are ridiculously high already. I'm really hoping they settle once my summer starts to settle into a pattern.

It's snowing, by the way. I'm incredibly annoyed. I know I live in a northern climate, but this is ridiculous, I don't live THAT far north! bah.

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Herman said...

holy moly are you going to be busy!

spring is finally showing up here, maybe it will catch up to you