Tuesday, May 20, 2008

allow me a moment of whining.

I'm sick. And I have a fever. And my throat hurts. And I am whining. I fully acknowledge that fact, and I'm okay with it, cause I feel so crappy. This is my body saying YOU, TAKE A BREAK, TAKE A REST, GO EASY! Can I do this? No, that would make too much sense.

Today I had a youth event planning meeting. It was an awesome meeting though involving Timbits (donut holes for all you not Canadian people), chai tea, laughter and awesome friends. This afternoon I'm meeting with previously mentioned suicidal individual (positives of this include starbucks, and, starbucks), and then tonight I have a church meeting. It should be a good meeting, but that I'm sure will be partially dependent on how I feel.

Tomorrow is church meetings at 9AM and 12PM and then meeting with a friend for Olive Garden (soooo excited, I'd better be feeling better). The evening I may have free, but I do need to write what I'm saying at the youth event worship, so I'm thinking that's what's going to be happening Wednesday night.

Then Thursday is AM grocery shopping, working evenings. Friday is Street Ministry and then work over night, and then Saturday is the youth event. Sunday the youth event ends, and then I work 3 overnights starting Monday.

Don't get me wrong, I really love everything I'm doing, it would just be SO much easier to do if I could shake this fever/sore throat thing.


okay. I'm done whining. maybe.

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