Wednesday, May 7, 2008

let me pee in peace!

Yesterday at work I discovered that our (client) bathroom doors do not have locks. To be honest, I was appalled. I mean, really. I find that in humane. But of course, like with most things, I've discovered there's a reason. People sniff/use other drugs in our bathrooms all the time. People have seizures in our building; often. Basically, we need to be able to access the bathrooms at all times. On the other hand though, especially as a woman, I just wouldn't feel safe with that. As a man too though. Yesterday a guy opened the door without knocking, closed it when he realized there was someone in their, and then opened it and started talking to the person. The guy came out fighting mad! Granted, the man doing the talking has some mental health issues, but it was still inappropriate. And, it wouldn't have happened if the bathroom locked. I think there should be a way we can get doors that lock from the inside but open with a key from the outside. Then staff could get in if there was a problem, but clients could have a little privacy, in the midst of lives with almost none.


Lee said...

That's pretty common for any kind inpatient psych thing. One I was at with the best bathroom setup had a lock that was openable on either side. Anyone could open it, it didn't need a key, but it least you didn't get an accidental walk in on

Still Dreaming said...

Thanks for the insight. And, for the solution. Next time it comes up, I'll mention it. I never thought about in patient psych stuff. I sometimes get tunnel vision when it comes to the homeless.