Thursday, May 8, 2008

back in my old stomping grounds

The ASIST course I'm taking is at a hospital a 10 minute walk from my parent's house. This same hospital is a 40 minute bus ride from my house... Guess where I'm staying! It's different being back home. I haven't been home since Christmas. My sister is away, which makes it bearable, seeing as she's not home practicing flute and piano constantly, but it is still really different. My parent's wouldn't let me sleep in her bed. I'm sleeping on a foamy in my old room on the floor instead. My sister's a bit obsessive and my mom's worried she can't make the bed up to her standards if I was to use it and that then my sister will "freak".

There are definitely good things about staying here though. For example, tonight I borrowed the car!!! My best friend and I went shopping and picked her up an apartment dishwasher; this way she didn't have to waste money on bringing it home in a taxi. We also got her a large fan and a mega pack of toilet paper. I bought a watch with a 24 clock so I can write down the times when I'm doing detox intakes. I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

I misses you muchly. I've been thinking about writing you a letter and just haven't gotten to it. I'm a bad person. But I love you and I miss you and hopefully we can talk soon.

Still Dreaming said...

I miss you too. A lot. And likewise, I've been thinking of writing a letter. I should. Especially now grad is over. I hope as well that we can talk soon.