Monday, May 26, 2008

i love my job (really)

Friday night we were short staffed...and it sucked. The clients decided to be mean, rude and obnoxious...mostly at the same time. IPDA was crazy too. And I was sick. I had been hoping to do detox, but somehow we all volunteered...brilliant of us. And since I did it the night before, I lost.

IPDA kept filling up, and so I almost felt like the police were stalking us. Just itching for more cells. The guy I was working with though really didn't seem to like releasing people. He's just more cautious then I am I guess... oh well. I understand all the points of view involved.

The police need something to do with their intoxicated people
My superiors need have a good relationship with police and keep cells open as well as a good relationship with management who doesn't think we should ever be full.
The crisis workers sign their names to the discharges... if we let people out and they get brought back, that would be BAD!
The clients... some wants OUT and some want to stay in and have a!

I also did some up front stuff. None of which was terribly exciting though. Had a good talking with my favourite shift coordinator. Drank some coffee. Ate some dinner. All in all, despite the total craziness, I still like my job.

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