Tuesday, June 3, 2008

you can't have it both ways

Something I've noticed about the staff at work, is that they like to complain, but they don't like to deal with the solution. It's starting to really get to me.

Yesterday I heard the same staff complain, within the same fifteen minutes, about not having enough staff and about having to train staff. It baffles me. Considering just how much complaining goes on in that building about not having enough staff, you would really think they would be excited to have new staff to train. But no, apparently this is a huge burden on them. I don't see it. If you want new staff, you have to train them. It's just the way it is.

Further, stop complaining about casual staff getting to book days off. That's why we're casual. We don't make as much as you. Don't treat us like we should be working 40 hour weeks. Cause guess what, we don't have to! And, most of us aren't going to. That's why there's supposed to be 15 of us.

I don't know. Part of me really really likes my job, but sometimes the staff just get to me. It doesn't seem to matter what happens, if they can find something to complain about, they will. And maybe I'm saying too much here, but really, enough is enough. I really have to watch myself to keep myself from joining in the complaining, about somethings, but new staff? I won't complain about that!

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