Monday, June 23, 2008

the other reason I'm in a bad mood

It occurred to me today that even though I'm riding my bike and eating less, I'm gaining weight. Not a lot or anything...but enough that I shouldn't be. So I took a look at what it could be, and discovered the culprit.

Starbucks Pumpkin Scones.

I wouldn't be surprised if I ate three of these a week. And they come packed with 500 freaking calories and 20 whole grams of fat... oops? So to add to my bad mood, I have to cut back on my favourite food. They have very little actually nutritional value.

Turns out the drinks aren't so bad. A light grande cafe vanilla frapucino has under 300 calories and less then 3 grams of fat. Of course, they're bad for my budget, but at least they're a source of calcium. And calcium is good for you.

But sigh. I LOVE pumpkin scones. They are so yummy. Rich, thick, tasty. Alas, woe is me, my indulgence must come to an end.

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