Monday, June 2, 2008


Working evenings seems to suck the life out of me and my day. I'm not sure what it is exactly, I just know that things aren't quite right for me when I work evenings. I start at 3:30 and am off at midnight, it's an 8 hour shift just like any other, but somehow I seem to have no energy or time for anything else. I dunno. Maybe I'm just weird.

I've been sleeping a lot more since school ended too, I have more time to sleep and so I sleep more. I'm hoping that part of that was the chest infection and that now that it's gone I'll have more energy. I don't know though. Maybe I just need to get into some sort of rhythm, but that's kind of hard with the way my schedule works. I have a whole new sympathy for rotating shift workers.

Today I had a nap, which was awesome. I'm getting to sleep faster sometimes now, which is a goal of mine. I'm trying to learn how to take 20 minute power naps, but I'm really bad at it. To work on this though, I've been getting to bed when I don't have hours and hours to sleep. Then the trick is falling asleep at all. We'll see. I'll get there yet.


mithun.sridharan said...

Hi, Just stumbled upon your blog. Quite a nice writing. It comes as a surprise as I listened to a podcast by Robin Sharma a few days back. He was mentioning that the quality of sleep is important and not the quantity. Also, waking up early in the morning leaves you with a lot of time to pursue other activities and live up life to its fullest. Though its hard, I'm giving it a try and it seems like theres a lot of time for me in a single day, something which I didn't experience before. Perhaps, you could try it too. My 2 cents.

Still Dreaming said...

That's for the compliment.

I'm trying to work on the sleep regulation thing. Unfortunately, waking up early doesn't work when I work overnights! Then I'm going to be at 8:30AM. I suppose really though, if I started getting up when my alarm went off instead of hitting snooze, things would be going a lot better for me.

mithun.sridharan said...

hi there,
you're right. its pretty hard to synchronize between the schedules. esp. when one has to work overnights. it happens often in IT, and this is still an problem that i haven't solved yet :( sometimes i'm so tired, that even an explosion wouldn't wake me up. looks like life isn't easy :))