Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I <3 HP

My black cloud is still following me around today, but there were some definite breaks for sunshine. Mostly though, I just want to be miserable about not getting that job and curl up and do nothing. So, I will. For a couple days. Then I'm getting over it and moving on. One will come up eventually.

In any case though. I did have a fun story for today.

Everyday after we serve our 1:30 soup we put on a movie. I'm sure we're breaking a million laws by doing this, but it's what we do. I can pretty much guarantee the movie theaters aren't losing revenue by us doing this. We only have a limited number of movies, and it seems that the clients have seen them over and over and over again. Further, most of the movies we have are violent, bloody, gory and loud. This is what people seem to be into, but I can't help wondering if it contributes to some of the violences and loudness inside the drop in.

So, today I brought Harry Potter I and made them watch it. Most people filtered out after soup like always, but this one guy was just enthralled by the movie. It was very cute. He's an older man, not very well spoken, heavy drinker/solvent user, but he has the cutest smile. He grins at me every time he sees me and it makes me grin too. Anyway, I tried to talk to him, but he was busy watching the movie. "Funny movie" he says pointing at the screen. While I've never thought of the movie that way, I'm glad he did. And, it was nice not to be listening to explosions and gunshots while trying to get work done.

Next time I work in the afternoon I'll bringing HPII and so on. After that, I'm thinking RENT. And well, that's basically all the movies I own, so I'll have to hope some other staff will bring in some quieter ones. Or maybe not. Maybe if that's what they like, that's what will watch. I just can't help thinking it's a bad idea to watch so much violence on such a regular basis.

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