Wednesday, June 18, 2008

hunky doory (i don't know why)

I think between the time I got to work and the time I left work today my schedule for the next week and a half changed 6 times. I am not impressed. Oh well!

In other news, work was good today. IPDA was empty for quiet awhile and then the intoxicated descended on us like a swarm and I had six in a row.

I was talking to one of the guys whose in IDPA a lot and is really quite a friendly guy. He has had his life very damaged by his use of alcohol and solvents. I sometimes wonder if he's been on Thorazine, because of the way he walks, but he seems slightly young to have the shuffle. Anyway, I asked him why he drinks, and he said "something to do". I pressed him further, and he said "passes the time faster".

Wow. What reasons to drink, and yet they make SO MUCH SENSE. When your homeless, you don't have the same kind of structure and stuff to your life that someone like me does. My calender is jam packed with writing, white out, and scribbles. This man's calender is empty. There's nothing there for tomorrow, the next day, the next week, or even the next year. So what DO you do?

And on that note, I end, because while I have many answer, my energy levels are somewhat...zapped.

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