Friday, June 20, 2008


It's 2AM and I'm not sleepy, but I couldn't think of anything to blog about. So I google image searched the word "random" and decided I would blog about something on the first page. So here goes.

This is actually a very cute story. Part of doing a detox intake includes searching the client's possessions (and person, if we think it's necessary). This means that I get to put on blue nitrile gloves and dig through client's stuff sort of like I work in airport security! To make it less awkward I try to do it while they are filing out a form or something, so they're not just sitting there staring at me. And I always ask the "is there anything I should know about" question. We don't have a lot of IV drug users, but I really don't want to come across a dirty needle!

In anycase, as I was searching this particular males stuff I came across a stuff animal. He said oh, that's my lucky lion (or something, I can't actually remember what it was). He bought it from a friend in preparation for detox, because the last time he had a successful treatment program and stayed sober for quite a while he had a lucky stuffed animal. Okay, that's kind of cool, whatever. As I keep searching, I pull out a far more raged animal. Turns out, it's the first one. He still has it. It's gone with him through tons of ups and downs, crack binges, oxycontin highs, moving, evictions etc... and it looks like it got the worst of it. But it's still there, and coming with him to detox once again.

I thought it was really cool, that this man could carry those with him. I mean, this is no "wuss". He's tattooed, done his time, and used just about every drug in every kind of way. Sort of makes you realize how we're all the same, and how we all have a human side.


Lee said...

aww that's so cute:)

Still Dreaming said...

i know, I was totally like aww, that so awesome. And I told him that.