Tuesday, June 10, 2008

rain rain go away

To be blunt, yesterday sucked. It sucked big time. I woke up to a grey sky and the sound of rain. Getting out of bed seemed painful. I had to buy bus tickets. The credit card swipe seemed painful. Bought printer ink, again, pain. Finally got to work, and well, it seemed painful too, imagine that.

Driving scares me. Driving downtown scares me more. Driving in the rain scares me. Driving in rush hour scares me. Driving with a bunch of people in the van scares me. Guess what I did yesterday? I drove downtown in rush hour in the pouring rain with a bunch of people in the van. And, we all survived!!!

I was supposed to end a six, but evenings was short, and since I only came in at one thirty I offered to stay "as long as they needed me". I wound up putting in more overtime. Only an hour and a half, but yeah. Although, there really was an advantage for me because then I got a free ride home instead of paying to take the bus in the rain. Plus that extra 9 bucks is worth what, 1 trip to Starbucks???

IPDA was VERY quiet yesterday. No one was drinking outside, too wet. The drop in though! Insane. Crazy. Everyone was grumpy, wet and smelly. Well, the staff weren't too smelly, but still. The clients were yelling at each other, and us. The staff were grumping at each other and then clients. It was...you guessed it, painful.

Then IPDA got insane. I did 17 intakes again yesterday this time in less the 7 hours. That's too many, and most of them were in the overtime part of my shift when I was tired. See there was a big rock concert in town... and so alcohol use was definitely occurring... Plus, we had to IPDA a few of ours, or well, get the downtown patrol to do it, because they were passed out or creating a disturbance upstairs.

And yesterday, I just felt... zapped. I'm not sure what it was, maybe the lack of sunshine, maybe I didn't have enough coffee, either way, NO energy for anything. Sigh. Thank you for listening to me whine.

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