Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sober v drunk

Sobriety is an interesting thing. So is intoxication. As is the difference between the two of them. I find it especially interesting the different decisions people make when they're sober vs when they're intoxicated and how this is different for different people.

At work, we have rules about sobriety and detox. Basically, you have to be sober for every step of the process but it doesn't matter if you're intox in between. You pick up your medical form while sober. You bring it back and book an appointment while sober. You go to your intake appointment sober. Plain and simple. Some people are so caught up in their addictions that this is very hard for them.

The reasoning behind it, is of course that you can't make rational potentially life altering decisions while you're intoxicated, which makes sense. On the other hand, some of the people I work with really aren't ever fully sober until they've been in detox a couple days. It takes a long time to dry them out of the almost constant supply of alcohol and solvents. I had a woman in IPDA once for eight hours, and she said it was the most sober she'd been in 3 years. I'm fairly sure she was heading home to drink.

Another interesting thing, is that some people only want detox when they're drunk. When they're drunk they're saying "give me a form, give me a form", which we don't, but once they're sober they're like "oh no, forget it".

Really, what is intoxication anyway. Is it a blood alcohol level of .08? Or is it different. Is the client who is partially intoxication all the time really intoxicated? Or is that just who they are. Or is that a very cynical way of looking at the world. One of our regulars, who I really don't think I've ever seen sober, was supposed to be heading into detox tonight (he's more excited about the free meals then detox at this point though I think). I'm very interesting to see if he sticks it out and what he'll be like in a few days if he does. I'm sure he's been there many times, but I've never seen it, and I'm interested to.

I'm too sleepy to be blogging, I bet this doesn't make much sense at all... sometimes I just need to write though.

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