Sunday, June 8, 2008

wise friends and double shifts

One of those wise friends asked me if I was over doing. I laughed and said, "of course not, I'm doing less then I've done in ever". She pointed out however, that jobs last a lot longer then semesters and I'm usually falling apart by the end of the semester... something to think about, because I hadn't considered that when I figured out how much I'm doing.

In other news on the overdoing it side, I worked my first double shift on Friday. 16 hours of work, but for me, a 24 hour day. I worked at church in the morning, went to the shelter, worked, went to street ministry, and came back and worked another 11 hours. I wound up working with all three shifts, and experience which can only be termed "interesting". Each has such a unique personality and way of doing things.

For example, I got in trouble for reading the newspaper in IPDA; something I do all the time...on evenings and nights. I forgot that the person upstairs, who's from the day shift, is very legalistic. I put a bucket under a leak on day shift, and then evenings was upset I hadn't phoned the guy who fixes things. And I did something or other on evenings that nights was upset about. Oh well. It was still a good experience for me to have, and I think I could do doubles in the future, as long as I didn't street ministry and my other job. Not a great thing to do on a regular basis, but it's good money for overtime, and sometimes, things just have to be done or the place doesn't function.

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