Monday, June 30, 2008

more about sleep (or lack there of)

I realized that I have more blogs labeled "sleep" then I do "social work" in my blog about social work... interesting. I wonder if there's a hidden meaning there.

In any case, my schedule is pure evil for the next week. It started Friday. I did street ministry starting at 6PM and then worked from 11:30-8:00AM. Then Saturday 11:30-8AM Sunday morning. Then church, then a 1 hour nap and then back to work for 3:30PM - midnight. Bah. I now have two days off though, which is very needed after being at work 17 out of 24 hours and only getting an hours sleep in between two eight hour shifts. Then starting Wednesday I work Day, Night, Evening (again with only 7.5 hours between my shifts), Evening, Night. Oh, and first evening there, I booked off, so I could be at street ministry. Yeah right apparently. I called and complained, but if there's no one else to work it...

Oh well. The other staff are really supportive, well, some of them, and I'm young, lol, I should bounce back. My stomach is not too happy with me today though, so hopefully it gets a little more normal feeling tomorrow.

the end.

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