Monday, June 16, 2008

hard days night

Today was a hard day for me. I found it very emotionally draining in a way that work usually isn't. I think it was also a lack of sleep thing, and a possibly too much coffee thing.

I worked till 3:30AM last night. So of course by the time I got to sleep it was almost 5AM. Up at 11 to pick up best friend at the airport (I am SO glad she's home)! then work at 1:30. I was supposed to work till 6, but they asked me to stay till 10 (and same thing tomorrow). I agreed. It makes it a full shift instead of the 4.5 hour things which are stupid. But, since I hadn't planned for it, it just seemed harder.

Anyway though, the client's in IPDA just REALLY got to me today. Sometimes the client's talk to each other, and whatever, it's annoying, but have cell sex (like phone sex, but between cells), what do I care. I just don't want to see you doing it, so don't do it in a cell with a camera. Anyway though, a woman told the man beside her that she was suicidal, and wow, he just went at her like crazy. It finally got so bad I had to have the police move her to the other end of IDPA. He was telling her over and over and over and over again to kill herself. And he was giving her ways to do it and on and on and on. I felt sooooo bad for her. SO bad.

Anyway, things were just a little wonky today. And somehow it really got to me. I'm looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities, and hopefully a work day which doesn't dig into me the same way today's did.

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