Wednesday, July 2, 2008

guess what, it's another post about...sleep!!!

I'm exhausted. work today was CRAZY. It showed me why social workers burn out. Because honestly, if it was like that every single day, I would burn out very quickly. Work yesterday was very busy too. Silly Canada Day making people drink! There is also the fact that I worked days both those days... I hate working days. They're completely and totally evil. My body just does not work in the right way for me to actively participate in a job that starts at 7:30 in the morning.

I can't even begin to explain how frustrated I am with one of the staff at work. She told me off in front of a client and a trainee today. She was right, but it wasn't something that was that desperately important that she didn't to stop what she was doing and get mad at me. And I didn't respond. I should have. I should have told her later. That if she had an issue with my work she needed to talk to me in private. Really though, it was just that what I was doing was bothering her, because she's a control freak. Then she was really rude to a client, and that bugged me waaaaaaaay more (I think). Part of me is still really just plain made at her for being a jerk to me.

I dunno. Being over tired today certainly did not help the situation any. Last night, because of Canada Day, there were lots of people partying and my neighbourhood was really loud. It kept me up waaaaay past when I needed to be asleep. And so, I was sleepy. And that, is my story.

p.s. My registration came through and I am now officially a Registered Social Worker!!!


aawk said...

I had a supervisor freak out on me in front of co-worker and clients. I left it alone that day, but asked to speak with them the next and told them I thought it was inappropriate and if they have something like that to tell me, to do it in private. It's never too late to set a situation straight. I've seen what happens when people don't, and it's not pretty.

cb said...

I also find it really difficult when I get 'taken down' in public especially in front of clients. My manager did that to me recently, and it was over such a silly little issue, and I snapped back that I would speak to her later about it and that it wasn't appropriate to discuss. I think she got the point..
And well done on the registration!

Still Dreaming said...

I suppose I probably should talk to her. I wound up telling my boss, which I'm not really all that glad I did. He came in to ask about a couple clients, one of whom I thought this staff was very rude to, and it lead to talk about that. The problem, is that she's been there 28 years. She's been there longer then I've been alive. My boss has only been there 3. It's hard to fire someone that's been around that long, and it's hard to convince them to be different. I'm not good at confrontation, but really, who is. I need to start stepping up and being more assertive or I'll get walked all over!