Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have been watching WAY to much of this show. It's kind of...taking over my life? No, in all reality, this is how I like to watch TV, and probably the worst way I can watch TV. I am a very intense person. This I know. So, watching TV one series at a time, can be very "intense". I get very drawn into the show and it can actually affect me emotionally. So why do I do this? Well, because I'm a very intense person and waiting a full week for the next episode is really hard. It helps sometimes to find out what's going to happen, but I just discovered they're killing my favourite character in 3 episodes. I will survive, but I am NOT happy, and NOT looking forward to it! I keep reminding myself though, that they've killed off/gotten rid of LOTS of my favourites on ER and I suvived (had to stop watching that show in season eight though...tooooo intense).
What this post was going to be about though was my nightmares. People in the past have tried to blame my nightmares on the TV shows I watch (crime and medical dramas). I tend to agree with them, but then my nightmares will just seem so random that I don't really see how they're related to crime or medical dramas at all!
Like last night, I guess this could be related to NCIS considering it was a crime dream, but it certainly wasn't anything that happened in the show recently, I created this crime all on my own! Basically, it takes place on a ferry or boat of sometime (fine, I suppose there's a Navy tie in). Something about lots of really nice fancy cars, and lots of people who want to kill each other over the cars. Basically, I get to be a hero, but sneaking up to the eighteenth floor, taking a little ferry that's somehow attached to the big boat, and driving away from the ship all without the guys with the cars noticing. Where do I get to go? Not law enforcement, no that's the person in the other little boat. I go to the newspaper! Cause what we want on our crime scene is the press? Anyway the mystery somehow gets solved by having the side of the boat come down onto dry land (side, not front), and being stormed by SWAT, but not before I procesed many different ways of solving this and was freaking terrified. I suppose, the whole "crime fighting" thing could all tie in with my recent choice of TV. Perhaps I'll have to watch something...smiley...before bed tomorrow morning.

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