Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Warehousing the homeless Part Two

"At least you can give them a bit of respite from hell...let them have a glimpse of a better way. Connect and show them that even though they're in pain, they can have a better life." - antiswer

Thanks to the people who commented on my first post about warehousing the homeless. It gave me a lot to thing about - which is good. I really like what antiswer said, because it really is how I think. Sometimes I get really frustrated, but generally, that's how I feel. I feel like we're doing something valuable, even though society may not understand.

This has been my philosophy of things for a while, and it's what keeps me sane as a social worker - and a person.

I am only person. As one person, I can only do as much as I can do. However, when I am nice to people, care about people, and empower people, it does make a difference. Empowered people, people who've been treated with respect, and people who are loved, often turn around and do nice things to other people. They begin to make a difference in other peoples lives. And so you see, that's how it works. It works like a web, it starts with me, but I can only begin to imagine the changes that may eventually take place because of the actions of one person. I believe it is possible to change the world, I also believe that I may never see it. And I think, that I'm okay with that.


antiSWer said...

It's really easy to get jaded by some of the things we see. People making no progress, people sliding, horrible things happening for no reason, etc.

Sometimes we have to go back to where we started from and remember how we were when we started. We have to go back and relearn what we're trying to do.

Or just forget it all and go into accounting. ;)

Still Dreaming said...

it's true.

i dated an accountant... i could never do it , lol.