Tuesday, July 22, 2008

one more post before "bed time"

Sleep and I are having another battle. Unfortunately, I seem to be losing. I finally have time to sleep. My schedule has evened out, even before my permanent position starts. A week and a half of evenings, and then nights for all eternity. So anyway, you'd think this would be awesome for my sleep patterns. No, instead, I'm not sleeping! This from the girl who has basically spent the last three months asleep.

I'm quite frustrated about it, but trying not to be because I know that will only make my sleep worse. It's a falling asleep thing, but it's also a staying asleep thing, and a nightmare thing. Yesterday I had a dream about Brittney Spears, how freaky is that! Especially considering I don't listen to her music, or really give a care. I also dreamed Kiwi were on sale for 23 cents each... that wasn't a nightmare though! But, that is not that point.

The point is. I'm scared to turn off the computer and go to sleep tonight. Last night I probably read for two hours, even though I yawned my way through work, was too tired to blog, too tired to shower, too tired to eat etc... I got into bed, and then just couldn't sleep. The night before that was worse, and I didn't get to sleep till sunrise. I was lucky enough to catch a nap after church/before work. Day before that I'm convinced I only slept for an hour or two total, it was our girls night, but still, I'm usually a good sleeper! It's sleeping too much that's my problem!

But, alas, I know how I can help myself, I should probably just get off my butt and do it. More exercise, less coffee, and taking those little blue pills (that aren't Viagra) when I'm having a hard time with sleep. I really will write a post about sleeping pills one of these days! Just not tonight.

the end.

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