Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Apartment Hunting

So in amongst my fight to end homelessness, poverty, oppression and the reign of "the man", I'm apartment hunting, and panicking. Actually, I want to scream, because now it's real. ARGH! I wish that helped more.

Anyway, I'm looking at two places (or three, i think) tomorrow. Bestest bud, who is truly amazing and wonderful, made a bazillion phone calls for me today and was able to set up some appointments for me. I hate phoning people, and as such was incredibly grateful. I fell in love with one. It's only 15$ out of my price range... 2 bedrooms (I want an office), and looks really nice, and is in the area I want. I'm going to see it tomorrow, and if I like it, will apply on the spot. And honestly, it wouldn't have to be all that great to make me happy. And, it comes with curtains, which is great for a person who sleeps all day and works all night.

So, thus, I'm freaking out. I want to go there NOW. I want to have this over and done with. I want to KNOW. Plus, I may have to move sooner then I planned, as if I really like this one, it's for August 1st as opposed to September 1st, and I have to hope roommate, who I'm waiting up for, is going to be gone by September 1st (she's going to grad school, not being evicted by the way). If this is the case, things will move very fast, and well, yeah... I'll have to start...packing (gulp). I'll pick one day to move all the big stuff, but as I'm taking a full month to move, it'll be easy to move the little stuff piece by piece... oh my goodness, how I want this.

So, if you pray, please pray for me. I'm lying here, freaking out, and just wishing 1:30 tomorrow would COME already!!!


cb said...

Good luck - I hated having to look for somewhere to live and it made me really anxious so I completely know where you're coming from!
i could have been writing almost exactly the same thing three years ago (even down to the not liking to make telephone calls part!)

Still Dreaming said...

thanks. I have applications in at two places now, one of them is only five buildings down from my current place. I'm really hoping for that one. Did I mention I'm not a huge fan of change?