Friday, July 25, 2008

writers block

I had an awesome night last night. I had a couple clients just really open up. It was hard to hear in some cases; hearing dealers talk about the young people, mothers, pregnant women they've sold to. But it was good. Good for them especially.

Now I'm lying here in a sunbeam having writers block. I need a sermon for Sunday. I've already picked out my scripture; way ahead of time, so I need to preach about that. Weeds among wheat. I just can't think of anything all that exciting or meaningful or new to say. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll stick with plain and simple. I dunno... writers block.


therapydoc said...

People on the internet love it when we have writer's block and keep it short! Welcome to the cloth.

Still Dreaming said...

thanks :) I'm good at writing waaaaaaaay too much.