Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girl's night on the town

I had an AWESOME girl's night this weekend. Street Ministry was canceled, so best friend and I were faced with an empty Friday night. A rarity in our lives. What to do, what to do. Best friend and one of our friends decided they'd plan a girls night/morning and surprise me and another of our friends. And boy, was I surprised! But, it was great!

First, we headed off to the casino. Being the only one in the car from my city (the rest are from way far away), I was trying to give directions to an unknown location (it's interesting, you should try it). We did get there. I really don't spend a lot of time in casinos, in fact, I've only ever been to one once. However, it turns out the casino has a really cheap buffet that actually tastes good! I was quite impressed by the presence of the salad bar and by the awesome potatoes (and you have to understand, I don't normally like potatoes).

After eating far too much, we "explored" the casino. Turns out, casinos are pretty much as boring as I thought they were, but it is quite amusing to watch people play slot machines. We may have been a little too loud and groupy though as we got a couple looks from security. Finally we decided to play a nickel slot and ran through five dollars in oh, under 5 minutes. SO not worth it. I truly don't understand what people see slot machines. Black Jack and Poker I can understand, but not slots.

After the casino came bowling, and then back to best friend's place for drinks. I only had one, but it was SO yummy. Blue Raspberry drink mix and rum blended with berry mix and ice. SO good. Then came perhaps the best part of the evening. A light saber battle on the boulevard. We're perhaps lucky we didn't get picked up for disturbing the piece, but we tried to be quiet, and we were in a more awake part of town. Our light sabers lit up and had sound effects and every thing. We wanted to have a shaving cream fight, but decided we needed to wait on that until we were more awake. Then a movie, and off to bed.

The next morning, best friend cooked an awesome pancake breakfast and then it was off again. This time for canoeing. Anyone can tell you that I was totally scared of canoeing and then wound up having an awesome time. Our river doesn't look nearly as nice as the river in the picture, but it was still pretty.

After the boat ride we lay in the grass, shopped and played dutch blitz until it was time for me to go to work once again. All in all, and awesome way to spend my day!

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