Thursday, July 31, 2008

box hunt (it's like a fox hunt but better)

I still don't know if I got the apartment I applied for on Thursday. I know they contacted my employer, but other then that, nothing. No matter what though, it's time to start packing! Which means, box hunting!

I remember moving when I was 5 and driving around with my mother and sister looking for boxes. I really don't recall it being hard. They were there waiting for us in the entrance of the liquor mart and the IGA. Not so in today's day and age. Would you believe we went to a Price Chopper, a Sobeys, 2 Liquor Marts and 2 Safeways just to get a car full of boxes? And we got almost all of them at the last Safeway. I am SO not impressed. Oh, and we went to Costco as well. I forgot.

All this was made possible due to the fact that I had my pastor's car. Thank goodness. I feel like we traversed half the city (although we certainly didn't) on our seemingly futile search. Now however, the entire front hallway is FULL of banana boxes, which we have to have moved by Friday because our caretaker is showing our apartment.


cb said...

Ugh, good luck. I hate moving and can completely empathise.

Still Dreaming said...

thanks :) I'm trying to make the best of it! I really am looking forward to a couple things... buying a new microwave... ummm.... yeah... I'm not too excited yet, but I'm sure it'll be fine!