Friday, January 23, 2009

things I love...part two

The last time I wrote about the things I love I wrote about specific clients who really touched me.  I think today however I'll just make a list, because I need a reminder of some of those great things in love, those things that make life special, cheer us up, and give us hope.  And so, here are some of the things the dreamer likes.  

Cuddles with the Sophie cat
Phone calls with best friend
Time wasted with bestest bud
Awesome bible studies
Tim Horton's double doubles
My pink water bottle
Lots of space around me in yoga so I can spread out like a starfish
Good fiction
Sleeping with no pressure to have to get up
Unexpected naps
Someone else doing the driving
Low gas prices
Chai Lattes 
Earl Grey vanilla tea (yummy)!
Moderatly busy nights at work
Van patrol
Watching Sophie cat flick her ears
Singing along to songs in the car
Babies sleeping in my arms
Lamp light
Spring once the slush is gone
My 4.98 foot spa (awesome, awesome price)
Burning fancy candles
Apple cinnamon febreze
My christmas sheep
Hanging out and eating dinner at Street Ministry
Dutch Blitz
Pictures in frames
My new plant pots
Lying down after a difficult day
and so many, many more... it's an ongoing list, but for today, that made me smile! 


Bestestbud said...

WASTED?!??!?!?! :(

Still Dreaming said...

you know, time spent doing absolutely nothing, instead of doing something. I love wasting time with the people I love.