Thursday, January 1, 2009

that new years post

It's a new year and in a way I feel obligated to write a new year's post. I've been debating it for the past few days as I realize I'm only doing it because I feel like I should and I try to avoid doing things for that reason. However, I'm bored, the yoga class was full before I got there, so not having that to fill up this hour with, here I am in front of my computer (or perhaps my computer is in front of me).

I'm not making any resolutions this year. I usually don't, but this year especially I don't feel that I have resolutions I want to make. I took a random online quiz thing I found on someone's blog (I'll post a link at the bottom) and it said the only resolution I need to make is to volunteer with people. I've got that one down already, so I'm not too worried, lol.

The truth is, rather then set goals and work towards them, or set unrealistic expectations for myself, I'd rather take a look at the way I live my life, and to that end there are some intentions I want to have in the new year. For example, I want to be intentional about living my life with a compassionate and merciful attitude. This isn't a measurable goal, but rather a way of living. I want to be intentional about living out my faith. I want to be intentional about treating people as people, no matter what their life circumstances. I want to be intentional about finding good things in life, in other people, and in myself. These are all things I do on a regular basis, I just want to pay more attention to doing them, and to the fact that I am doing them.

I suppose one thing I do want to do in the new year is take more time for self reflection and reflection on my work. I've been really missing practicum logs lately, and I think I need to do more blogging; writing is one of the ways I process best. Baring that, I really need to find someone I can talk social work with. I miss supervision and practicum seminar a lot. I miss going to school with a whole bunch of other social work students who I could bounce thoughts and ideas off of on a regular basis. It's also important for me to talk about some of the feelings that this work brings up in me, and to be intentional about having this conversations, not just when stuff randomly comes up. I'm a talker, even more then I am a writer, and it really is the best way to unburden myself.

And so that's my plan for 2009. No concrete goals, and I'm okay with that right now. When it comes time to set a goal for myself, I will but for now, I'm content to just let things be.

You Should Make 1 Resolution

Volunteer to Help Others

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