Thursday, January 15, 2009

the man in black

The man in black is a mystery. He sleeps in a doorway; every night. It's the same doorway, so we know where to find him. The man in black is hard to see in the shadows, but we know he's there and so we look for him, make sure he's okay. The man in black will never accept any offers of help. No blankets, no winter clothes, no warming up in the van, and no shelter. Every night that I'm out I check on in, just to make sure he hasn't frozen to death, or changed his mind about help. I figure just our being there, as many days as possible, checking in shows him someone cares and begins to open up those doors, break down those barriers, so we can begin to discover who he is.

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socialworkemergency said...

I hope some day he takes you on your is encouraging to know that someone cares enough to do this very challenging work with such dedication.