Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and now she's gone

I write about death in my blog a lot.  In my line of work, death is a common thing.  I've written about people dying and I've written about people killing, this is the first time I write about someone murdered.  Somehow it's different this way, it's different knowing her life was taken from her with a knife, I'm not sure how, but it is.  

She was just your average woman.  Sure, she drank a bit too much, and perhaps partied a bit too hard, but there was nothing about her that made her any different then you or I, and yet now, she's gone.  

She was only in her 30s.  Sure she didn't have a job, and perhaps she wasn't what you'd call and "upstanding citizen", but really, she didn't rock the boat too hard.  

She was just trying to live her life.  In a crappy rooming house.  In a crappy area of town.  She was trying build relationship, and find love when that loving man stabbed her in the back... literally.  Another statistic, another murder, another investigation, another life, ended.  

And then, she was gone.  


Reas Kroicowl said...

I'm sorry. May she rest in peace.

cb said...

That's really sad.