Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'll fly away

I need a holiday SO badly. I need to see best friend. I need to get away from this city, this snow and all the homelessness. I just need a break. A break where I don't have to clean my house, drive my car and worry about stuff. I've requested a week off, between banked stats, banked over time and my normal days off I should be able to make it work and off I'll fly! There are snow plows on my front street right now. They are LOUD, but it's okay, because I'm off today... thank goodness.

I just haven't been feeling my best lately, although I certainly have my good times. Things at work are frustrating, but I'm doing my best. My words just don't seem to be coming out properly (thus the lack of blog posts). I've been to a lot of yoga though, which has definitely been good. And hot yoga is just so WARM in this deep freeze! Today I went for a walk in the SUN which I'm sure was amazing for my health as well as just cheering me up in general. I of course ran into clients, as I walked to the library downtown, but they were nice clients so it was all good.

I went to a really great Bible study tonight. We're looking at the book of Revelation, which is of course a really hard book with many many opinions and interpretations, but the first one was definitely good. Last time we did the book of John which was a lot more straightforward, and that's saying something as John is probably the least straightforward of the gospels.

I also went grocery shopping tonight (you know when I started this blog I vowed I'd write about more interesting stuff then my grocery shopping). I tried to buy lots of iron rich foods, but it would be so much easier if I LIKED red meat instead of having to force myself to eat it. It's really nice having food in the freezer though, comforting.

Tonight I plan on blogging and reading fiction. It's going to be awesome!

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