Thursday, January 15, 2009

juxtapostion of reality... part two

I drove my car to yoga yesterday. It's three blocks away. It was FREEZING cold out, and the car was "warm" anyway because I'd had it out earlier. As I was driving I was pondering how incredibly lazy I felt. And then this nagging guilt came up "how can I say I'm cold when I spend the nights driving around finding people like 'the man in black' sleeping doorways". My mind wandered around this for a while and I stored it to think about during yoga (I know I'm supposed to "clear my mind" but I like the silence to ponder things).

I realized something I've realized many times before. We are each our own person, the sensations and feelings of someone else do not make ours bad or wrong. So what that looks like is that we can both be cold, the fact that he is cold does not change the fact that I am cold. There will always be someone colder or warmer then me, and there will always be people who experience temperature differently then me. This doesn't mean I should forget about the man in black, this doesn't mean I should forget about my moral and christian responsibility to reach out to him and push for change, all it means is it's okay to feel cold without guilt. The way my initial thought process was going could lead down a slippery slope if I got too caught up in it. It's not like I feel guilty when I'm hungry or thirsty, they're just biological things that happen to everyone.

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