Friday, February 6, 2009

Sophie cat takes a bath

Somehow my pictures posted backwards, the one at the bottom is supposed to be the first one etc... but in anycase, it was time to give the Sophie cat a bath today.  She REALLY needed one, she smelled all dusty/musty.  Maybe that's a sign I should vacuum more, but I'm going to blame it on the cat.  She was surpringly good in the bath, I just plunked her in with me (wearing long pants and long sleeve to prevent being clawed to death), closed the curtain and soaped her up.  She was pretty displeased afterwards though, as witnessed by these pictures (which she wouldn't pose for).  I think she's recovered now, but she wouldn't let me help dry her at all.  Apparently she thinks this is what her tongue is for! 


cb said...

Sophie looks eminently cuddle-able! (probably best done when clean!)

Still Dreaming said...

yes. She is amazing. She still won't sit on my lap though!