Tuesday, February 3, 2009

crazy dream

 I have always had really vivid dreams.  It sort of goes in cycles for me.  I'll have crazy dreams for a few weeks and then not remember a thing for months, then come to a dream cycle again.  I also have dreams when I hit the snooze button, and that's where this crazy dream came from.  

I walk into church late.  The theater is quite full (my church actually does meet in a movie theater).  I have to go quite near the front, and I discover that my friends did not save a place for me to sit.  I got to sit down infront of them when I realize the roof is leaking, drip, drip, drip.  So I sit down a little ways over.  

As I try and join in the singing I notice that we have a whole new sound system set up and our projection is really quite intense.  Instead of just having the words to the songs on the screen there are people or cartoons doing what the congregation is supposed to be doing.  Unfortunately, the people on the screen are not clapping at the same beat as the song and it is driving me CRAZY!

The next thing you know, someone says my name "Still Dreaming"!  I can't figure out what they want, but it's obviously urgent.  Next thing you know everyone is screaming my name, urgently, as if they want help, or want to alert me to something.  I can't figure it out.  Then people start pouring out of the doors at the top, running from the theater.  I finally realize that there must be a fire, and shout "fire".  I try and evacuate the first three rows of the theater as well as the worship team at the front.  We can leave through the door at the front.  But, the worship team doesn't want to go.  Our drummer doesn't want to leave his drums and everyone else is wandering around in a fog.  

The movie theater people come in with a big vaccum which somehow ends the crisis and people come in again.  I say to my friend "was I on fire"?  Is that why you were screaming my name?  They have no answer for me.  Then there's some other stuff involving a video and some random people I know, but it wasn't freaky.  No, the freaking thing was every screaming at me and wanting something.  

Oh, and in my dream, after I hit snooze one more time I started interpreting it as a giant metaphor that I had to tell my pastor about.  Still asleep and dreaming, I figured out that the people screaming at me, instead of yelling "fire" is supposed to represent people coming to him with concerns and questions and without being specific wanting him to fix things.  My pastor thinks it's about how I'm going to be a minister later in life and it's actually about baptism by water and fire (which does actually make sense).  

So anyway, that's my crazy dream.  Just thought I'd share, for something different from all this healthcare stuff!  

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