Thursday, September 4, 2008


The majority of my friends started back to school this week, and for the first time since I was five, I didn't. It feels REALLY weird. I have to say, I am glad that I don't have any homework. It's SO nice to come home after work and not have to worry about doing extensive research (not that I didn't enjoy it) or putting together a twenty page paper. It's also REALLY nice to not have to reflect in writing on every single interaction I have. Practicum logs were useful, but they were also A LOT of work, and kind of frustrating.

On the other hand, it occurred to me last night, that I may work in the job I have now for quite awhile. Not forever, but probably longer then I've ever had any other job. While everyone else is going back to school, I'm just carrying on with my "summer" job. It's not a bad feeling necessarily, just, as I said, different.

All that being said, the rest of my life is crazy, so it's really nice that I don't have to be worrying about school. I'm moving on Saturday, and I'm SO not ready. I think some of it will just have to happen on Saturday, but there is a lot more that I could be doing. First it seemed to soon, and now all of a sudden I'm behind. I got internet hooked up in my new place today, and slept all day on the floor in my new bedroom (waiting for the internet company, waiting for the cleaning people etc...). I guess I was tired, because I let the cleaning company in, told them not to worry about the bedroom and to let themselves out, and was probably back to sleep five minutes later. Apparently though they spent two hours in the place, and it is nice and clean! I didn't hear a thing.

If you don't see any posts from me for a couple days, it's because I'm busy moving, and working, and packing and cleaning. I'm bringing my adopted cat home on Monday, so I'll be busy with her as well. We have our very first vet appointment Wednesday. I also think I'm going to buy a car next week.

And so, that's the life of this dreamer... I only wish I had more time to dream.

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cb said...

Good luck with the move - and please don't stop dreaming ;)