Monday, September 29, 2008


I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've opened the new post window several times lately will all intentions of posting something awesome, and it just hasn't happened. But it will, it will.

I've been quite overwhelmed lately... Best Friend moved halfway across the country yesterday, and getting her ready to go meant me being up for a long time running. And of course, I'm very sad that she's gone. It hasn't completely sunk in yet.

Work is the steady thing in my life, I don't mind work, although the enforcer and I are still having our difficulties. That doesn't surprise me though, I believe it will take time, and my normal supervisor should be back from holidays today! I may be able to work in detox tonight, and just take a bit of "me" time in the quiet. That would be nice. I've been meaning to, and it just hasn't happened, when I come home, I tend to go straight to sleep!

Having my cat is awesome though, she's so cute and cuddly. She sleeps with me every night. Tomorrow I'll head to yoga, which will be a good way to get out and get some exercise, and then I have bible study at night. So I have plans, and so even though staying in bed with the cat seems most appealing, I will get out and do stuff!


cb said...

Take care of yourself (and cat!) and don't worry. I've also been finding things a little more difficult to write lately and I think there's a natural rhythm to these things :)

Caroline said...

Getting out and doing "stuff" is so important but sometimes it is very difficult - I confess I fail miserably most of the time - it becomes all work and bed and that is not good for your life or the job...take care of yourself hunny, things even out in the long run